Pendragon Community is Multi-Faith family of individuals and children in the heart of Glastonbury, with an intention of Meditation, Prayer, Healing, living and playing together, in equality peace and love, causing as little harm to others and our planet as possible.

Alcohol tobacco and drugs.

We cannot legally permit use of recreational drugs on the premises and excessive use of alcohol is also destructive. Those who stay here should be people who don't need these things. If you are here to recover from addiction, complete abstention is advised. No smoking in the house please, if you must smoke in the garden please keep it away from doors and windows and take care of your cigarette butts.

Weekly meeting.

Those staying here are asked to commit to attending our weekly meeting. In these meetings we talk about our emotions as well as practical issues and it is hoped that everyone will want to make use of this as an opportunity to look more deeply at themselves through the reflection of the others. This may not always be easy and we are looking for people who are committed to working through issues rather than wanting to avoid them or quit. At times we may bring in a counselor by mutual agreement to help us in this process, particularly if conflict arises.


It is hoped that those staying here will move further into sustainable living. We do not have a big enough garden to provide for us all, but we try to buy locally produced food. Most people in the countryside use cars, often it cannot easily be avoided, but we try to move toward life choices that reduce the need for car and plane journeys, without denying ourselves excessively.


The house is not yet off-grid, but people are asked not to use electricity for heating. In winter we burn sustainable source firewood. Low impact living is an art which no-one really seems to fully understand - one of the aims of the community is to explore this issue and come up with an example which can provide a framework for others who also want to live responsibly. People are responsible for buying all wood supply, the kitchen Aga, Biomass boiler and stoves. They must come to agreement over how this cost is divided up between them. They also need to help with cutting and storing wood, and moving it around. In summer, we go through 6 blissful months when no wood burning goes on, except for occasional use of the boiler for hot water boiler when we get 2 really cloudy days in a row.


If anyone staying wishes to invite a guest to stay in their room or a spare room consent should be obtained. This guiding principal does not apply to children / sleepovers, it is intended to stop people using the house as emergency accommodation, which can turn out to be for long periods and may disrupt the community. Sensitivity must be used when bringing guests to the house. Guests staying in spare rooms may be asked to make a contribution. When guests are invited to meals it is the responsibility of the person who invites them to either make an appropriate food contribution for the guest or ask them to make the contribution themselves.


Everyone is asked to involve themselves in everyday living activities e.g. washing up and cleaning. It is hoped people will want to make the garden beautiful. It is obviously ethical to cultivate the vegetable garden.


Everyone is asked to always be courteous and polite to our neighbours. Any interaction of significance with a neighbour should be mentioned in the next community meeting or earlier if there is any immediacy about it. Please do not engage in any contract with a neighbour (e.g. to do some gardening for them) without first consulting the community. If any such arrangement is undertaken, it is your responsibility to ensure the neighbour is entirely satisfied and happy with the work, regardless of whether you are happy with your side of the bargain.


Parking. Please don't park outside our immediate neighbours. There are parking spaces inside the grounds, please use them whenever possible. Please leave vehicle keys in the locked key box in case your car needs to be moved. If possible, travel by bike or on foot!

Event room.

People are welcome to come up with ideas for new events in these rooms.

Play room.

Please clear up the playroom after kids in your care have used it.


Daily Meditation and Awareness practice helps move towards tolerance and acceptance of others' behaviour. People are diverse and we are here to learn about ourselves, rather than dictate how others should be. This includes:

- Diet; there is a vegetarian fridge, but the kitchen is not vegetarian and we will all need to be comfortable cooking and eating together.

- Spirituality; we accept that each person has their own path, and respect their practice and beliefs. We have various ongoing activities for members of the Pendragon family to take part in, towards celebration of Life and our Mother Gaia.